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Breeze puts up new docks

$50,000 worth of docks amenity to residents, open to the public

New docks installed by The Breeze Condominiums Owners Association in the last two weeks are chiefly for condo residents, but the public is welcome to use them also, says Shawn Foutch of Foutch Properties.

The large foursome of docks across the street from the three-story condos will accommodate 11 hoists. About half of the spaces are filled. “We are reserving them for owners first,” said Foutch, “but we might lease some out this year.”

The first owners will move into the complex this month even though construction isn’t complete yet.

“There are $50,000 worth of docks out there,” said Foutch. “They are mostly an amenity for our condo owners, but because it has a public component, we are happy the public can use it.”

The docks were purchased through Lakeside Marina. Depending on demand, more docks may be added.

A smaller dock is located 150-feet north along the shoreline. Times Pilot photos by Dolores Cullen