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That’s the buying power of the readers you reach through the Storm Lake Times Pilot

Publication Days

The Storm Lake Times Pilot is published every Wednesday and Friday with guaranteed delivery in the U.S. mail.

The Green Saver is inserted into the Storm Lake Times Pilot every Wednesday and into other area publications in their mid-week editions.


Monday 4 p.m. for Wednesday’s newspaper.
Wednesday 4 p.m. for Friday’s newspaper.
Friday 5 p.m. for Green Saver.

Production Information

Printing Method: Offset

Page Size: 12”x22.75”

Image Area: 11”x21”

Columns: 6

Column Width: 1.75” (10.25 picas)

Gutter Space: 1/8” (10 points)

The Storm Lake Times Pilot has complete facilities to design your ad. We also accept digital files in QuarkXPress or Adobe Acrobat PDF, on disk, camera-ready slicks and by electronic delivery (Internet, e-mail, FTP). Files must be compatible with Macintosh computers.

For best results, we prefer QuarkXPress files. Make sure that all graphic elements and fonts are included. The advertiser or its agency assumes responsibility that all content, fonts, etc. used in the ad are properly licensed for use in The Storm Lake Times.

When mailing digital ads, enclose a final laser proof.

Follow these recommendations to ensure that your images are properly reproduced in The Storm Lake Times:

  • Screen ruling for photos is 120 lines.
  • Allow for 30% dot gain in photos. Highlight dots in black and white photos should be no lighter than 2%, shadow dots no darker than 75%.
  • Restore shadows after adjusting the midtones.
  • Try unsharp masking to sharpen images.
  • Use UCR and GCR to improve contrast and stabilize colors.
  • Photos should be scanned at a minimum resolution of 200 dpi. Line art should be scanned at a resolution of 600 dpi. Images should not be enlarged in the layout program.
  • Maximum color density (ink weight) should be 240%, with 70% black ink limit.
  • Avoid solid borders and designs that may cause ink starvation.
  • When using reverses, large areas of solid ink should be no darker than 80% to prevent offsetting of ink on facing pages. Also, avoid small, fine type in reverses.


220 West Railroad St.
PO Box 487
Storm Lake, IA 50588-0487

Phone: 712-732-4991
Toll-Free: 800-732-4992
Fax: 712-732-4331
Email: webmaster@stormlake.com

Readership and Circulation

The Storm Lake Times Pilot has the highest readership of any newspaper distributed in Buena Vista County.

  • Total Paid Circulation: 3,386
  • Subscriptions in-county: 1,659
  • Subscriptions outside county: 748
  • Newsstand sales: 979
  • Family income over $40,000 — 76%
  • Average household income — $35,462
  • Readers age 8-64 — 60%
  • Readers age 65 and over — 40%
  • College education — 88%
  • Married — 73%

The Storm Lake Times Pilot’s primary circulation area is a 20-mile radius of Storm Lake, Iowa, encompassing all of Buena Vista County and parts of Clay, Pocahontas, Sac, Ida and Cherokee counties.

Storm Lake, a growing community of about 12,000 population, is the county seat of Buena Vista County (population 20,000) and a retail leader of Northwest Iowa. It is located at the junction of U.S. Hwy. 71 and Iowa Hwy. 7.

Display Advertising Rates

Local Rates — Per column inch

Open Rate — $10.75

Preprinted Inserts

Open rate — $80 cpm to $250 cpm based on number of pages.

Please contact us for rates.

Legal Notices

The Storm Lake Times Pilot is an official newspaper for publishing legal and public notices. Rates are determined annually by the State of Iowa.

Special Sections

TV Times — TV listings, Fridays

FarmTimes — farm coverage

GoldenTimes — for senior citizens, odd-numbered months

Health & Fitness — wellness and recreation, even-numbered months

HomeTimes — home improvement, monthly March-October

Prep Sports Previews — quarterly

The Green Saver

Extend your advertising reach to more than 40,000 readers in western Iowa with The Green Saver.

Reach even more readers in this valuable trade territory with The Green Saver, published as a supplement every Wednesday in The Storm Lake Times and 11 other area newspapers in Buena Vista, Pocahontas, Sac, Cherokee, Ida, Crawford, Calhoun, Monona and Woodbury counties. And because it’s paid circulation, you know your message is getting delivered.

Contact Jon Robinson for more information.