U.S. Senate

Editorial: Biden scores big win 

Many with insights deeper than ours believe the Biden Administration will have a difficult time moving a massive infrastructure bill through Congress. After all, the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill passed with just 50 votes in the Senate (plus one with Vice President Kamala Harris). The $15 minimum wage got waylaid, with Biden promising it will live to see another day. […]

Editorial: Biden’s difficult choice 

No person other than Joe Biden is more responsible for his presidential nomination than Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, dean of South Carolina politics who endorsed the former vice-president’s campaign that  was limping out of Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden went on to sweep the all-important Black primary vote, and eventually defeat President Trump. When Clyburn speaks, Biden listens.  […]

Editorial: Pass a relief bill

We have slim hopes, but with the tomfoolery of election posturing behind us, Congress might be able to offer a pandemic relief package before the inauguration. Small business, local governments and stressed rural health care systems can’t survive through a long winter of the virus spiking without extra assistance. We can’t wait for a new Congress to be seated. Everything […]