Editorials: Rebuilding Habitat

BY ART CULLEN It’s sad but understandable that Habitat for Humanity has a hard time finding volunteers and funding after 22 years building homes for the working poor in Storm Lake. It screams to the problems of housing development in The City Beautiful. Some years, Habitat was the only outfit putting up a new house in town. The high school […]

Biden understands the rot eating at America

EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK BY ART CULLEN Last Tuesday, Joe Biden issued a clarion call for national unity. On Thursday, the FBI charged six right-wing militiamen with plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, execute her in Wisconsin, and start a civil war. The week before, President Trump in his debate exhorted the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” in […]

Pencil vs. pen

LETTER TO THE EDITOR I received my absentee ballot yesterday and was distressed to see that the pictures on how to fill out a ballot showed a pen in the English version and a pencil in the Spanish version.  Our county auditor said these were provided by the state and had to be used as is.  People look at pictures […]

If you value your health, don’t vote Republican

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Public health isn’t what it used to be. When I was young, the polio virus attacked up to 35,000 people a year.  Governors did not respond by saying we have enough iron lungs to accommodate any new surge in infections. Instead, the push was to eradicate the disease. Since 1979 no new polio cases have arisen within the […]

Vote for a sustainable future

LETTER TO THE EDITOR We are a few weeks away from Election Day! It is our chance to help shape the future of this country. Our votes will determine if we safeguard a democratic nation or not. In the case of climate change, this vote will not only generate laws and actions for the next four years, but will have […]

From Jerry’s to Casey’s

EMPTY NEST BY CURT SWARM “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss It's the people she misses. Lea (pronounced “Lee”) Bradley talks about the recent closing of her and her husband's business in Mt. Pleasant, Jerry's Family Restaurant, better known as “Jerry's Pizza,” the demolition of the building, and Casey’s erecting a convenience store in its […]

Editorials: Saving the marina

BY ART CULLEN An ambitious and impressive proposal to invest up to $2.6 million in the Storm Lake Marina is the only hope for success at the long-struggling enterprise that is crucial to serving our recreation needs. Tom Fitzpatrick and Andy Goettsch received an enthusiastic greeting from members of the Storm Lake City Council on Monday, who instructed staff to […]

Times sees circulation grow

FILLERS BY JOHN CULLEN The Storm Lake Times celebrates National Newspaper Week Oct. 4-10 with continued growth. Defying the trend of newspapers nationwide, The Times posted a circulation increase of 4% over the past year, as filed in our annual report last week with the United States Postal Service. For the 18th straight year The Times is the largest newspaper […]

2020 has shown us why America needs journalists

STRAY THOUGHTS BY RANDY EVANS There is one week set aside each year to salute newspapers for the important role they have played in our nation, a role that goes back to the beginning of these United States. This year, however, waiting until October 4-10 and National Newspaper Week has been difficult, because the coronavirus pandemic and a variety of […]

Voting for a Democrat is a vote for the radical left

LETTER TO THE EDITOR To my Democratic friends: This election is a very important event. The election is being bought by the Radical Left. Theresa Greenfield’s run for senate is being paid by other than Iowans, (this was one of the Times editor’s columns) at a cost in the millions. One Sioux City TV channel has her ads on at least 40 times […]