Joe Kelly

Filling the open space at Kaleidoscope

Artwork, furniture bring this corner of the Masonic Building to life

The eclectic tastes of Storm Laker Joe Kelly shine through in his new office space, located on the second floor of the Masonic building, 617 Lake Ave. Natural light shines through, from the east-facing windows, illuminating the large open space. Originally this was the poolroom for the Masons. Snooker tables with lights over the top were in place until the […]

So long, Beckly!

Beloved ‘fashionista’ headed for Arizona

There’s a theory that you can connect nearly anyone in Hollywood to prolific actor Kevin Bacon in just six degrees of separation. If you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance we can connect you to long-time Elements’ style guru Beckly Hasselhoff with two steps and a wedding dress. With a decades-long career as a style go-to, Beckly, who lives in […]