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Pee Wees win one for the Rebels

Why did this girl write on her arm?


Support for families flooded out in Sioux Rapids takes many forms. Emma Hogrefe of Albert City used a Sharpie. 

Emma, 11, was moved when her dad Tim Hogrefe showed her pictures of the flooding, not only in Sioux Rapids, but in Spencer and Peterson. 
 “After showing her the pictures of the ballfields in Peterson, she thought it would be a great idea to honor those affected by writing a message on her arm,” said Tim.

She came up with the initials “W4SC,” or Win for Sioux Central. 
As a member of the Sioux Rapids Pee-wee team (her dad is the assistant coach), she wanted to do something, even something small, for the Sioux Central High School teams, who can’t play any more home games this season. 

Their home field is under water in Peterson.
Emma brought a Sharpie along for the final game of the Pee-wee tournament Tuesday in Aurelia. 

She explained to her teammates why she was writing “W4SC” on her arm and would they like to join her?
They all penned the message on their arms.
The Pee-wee Rebels won their final game 8-6 against Alta-Aurelia in an exciting back and forth game. 

And Tim was a proud dad/coach. The big win was nice, but so was the realization that his daughter inspired her teammates to sympathize with the many who lost so much in the floods. 

“Instead of being narrow-minded, thinking only of winning,” he said, “she put that aside and thought of something bigger than ball.”


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