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Letter to the Editor: Return to MAGA — really?


Trump Republicans claim key issues to address in the next presidential election are border security and inflation by returning to MAGA. Since Trump led Republican leaders to abandon the bipartisan border bill earlier this year proved there is no real party interest in the border issue. So, was the former MAGA Administration good for inflation and the economy?

Perhaps a review would be in order. At 85% it had the highest White House turnover rate in history. Its cumulative GNP was 2.67% prior to Covid but 1.45% after. It was the first administration since Hoover’s to have fewer jobs upon leaving office than beginning.

It passed a huge tax cut benefitting corporations and the rich which added over seven trillion dollars to national debt and greatly increased the wealth gap. It imposed tariffs disrupting international trade resulting in higher consumer prices and reduced ag exports that prompted a $52 billion taxpayer funded farm bailout. It disbanded the pandemic office and failed to replenish emergency medical supplies and equipment, which along with total bungling of the Covid crisis, led to over a million American deaths and economic collapse.

It rolled back hundreds of regulations and pulled us from the Paris Accord (negative impact on global warming). It assaulted civil rights and liberties. It had no plan for improved healthcare or infrastructure. It nixed the Iran nuclear deal escalating Mideast tensions. It offended our traditional allies leading to uncertainty for NATO and total loss of respect for our international relationships/treaties.

Was this better than the current 3.2% inflation plus a rebounding economy with a higher GNP (cumulative 3.4%), record low unemployment, higher wages for working persons, infrastructure rebuilding, lower drug prices, record corporate profits and booming markets?

Sure, there is always more to do on the economic front, but the new MAGA revenge campaign assures it to be worse than before!

Trump is now proposing another major tax cut and funding the government with tariffs which will drive inflation sky-high, further raise the debt and destroy farm markets.

He wants to eliminate the ACA with no replacement plan. The borders will be “closed?” and 12-14 million undocumented persons living, working and paying taxes here will be deported, which will drive unemployment to record levels.

He wants to replace all civil service employees with loyalists, plus have the Federal Reserve report to him. The Justice Department and FBI will be weaponized against his opponents. In essence, he becomes a dictator and most Republicans, K-Streeters and some key Wall Street donors, who obviously want to become oligarchs, are fully on board. Worse, he is already setting the stage for violence if he loses.

The Trump MAGA plan represents economic disaster for all and the end of our Constitutional democracy. The only way to stop it is to dismiss Trump’s lies, get the facts and vote, not only against Trump but, just as importantly, also against all his enablers in Congress.

Terry B. Yarns, Spirit Lake

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