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Giving sale in Aurelia helps flood victims


Aunt Betty’s in Aurelia became the site of a massive free garage sale for people affected by floods in the area.

Aurelians Pam Allen and Amy Mikos had planned to have a garage sale a few weeks ago. Then they realized there were so many people in need from Cherokee, Sioux Rapids and Spencer. They put out the word for neighbors and friends to bring clothing, toys, bedding, furniture, tableware – anything families might need – to Aunt Betty’s, the Main Street building owned by Amy’s sister.

The donations poured in.

“Everybody wants to help but they don’t know how,” said Pam.

The giveaway took place Friday through Sunday.

Amy was touched to see how appreciative the recipients were. “It was just the sweetest family,” she said of a toddler and infant, wearing just diapers, and their mother.

One woman came in and gasped to find a statue of the Virgin Mary – the same one she lost in the flood that she had inherited from her mother.

Amy called it a “God moment.”

Both Amy and Pam have been on the receiving end before. Amy’s husband fell 28 feet in a tragic accident. Pam’s son’s family lost their house in a fire. Both times the public reached out to help. After all Aurelia’s slogan used to be “The Friendly Town.”

The remaining items from the giveaway were taken to Olive Branch in Alta, New Leaf in Cherokee and the Presbyterian Church in Cherokee.

“We’re so used to having everything,” said Pam. “I can’t imagine having nothing.”


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