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Former combat pilot drops into GOP presidential race‘A lot of folks have been sitting on the sidelines praying and hoping some dynamic in this race would change’


Republican candidate David Stuckenberg said he is taking on Goliath in his race for president.

Stuckenberg recently announced his run for president at the start of November, with a little over two months from the Republican caucuses in Iowa.

“Some say, ‘well, Dave, it’s late’ We have a year until the election,” Stuckenberg said. “It's never too late to do the right thing. At the end of the day, a lot of folks have been sitting on the sidelines praying and hoping some dynamic in this race would change. And it is. Help is on the way.”

Stuckenberg is visiting all 99 counties in Iowa. He is already on his tenth. Frontrunner and former President Donald Trump has a commanding lead over the Republican caucus in Iowa. He is enjoying a 27-percentage point lead over former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, according to the Des Moines Register/NBC News Iowa Poll. Former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott dropped out of the race this month.

Despite trailing his opponents who have campaigned since spring, Stuckenberg said his military experience will make up ground on his opponents. In times of conflict, Stuckenberg said Trump doesn’t understand how the military works.

“Even if we did shrink back into our shell as Trump would propose, it would not allow us to be safe,” Stuckenberg said. “Our enemies would knock on our door, and they already are.”

China is looking to overcome the U.S. economically and culturally, Stuckenberg claimed. Stuckenberg served as a special operations pilot in the U.S. Air Force and has flown over 150 combat missions. His main priorities are defense, improving the economy and immigration.

“By looking at old problems in new ways, I think that's what really differentiates this campaign from the other campaigns,” Stuckenberg told the Times Pilot. “ I'm not looking for necessarily a right or left idea. I'm looking for the right idea for the American people, your families and for mine.”

Stuckenberg wants to cut income taxes by 33% and eliminate the inheritance tax.

“We need to lower tax burdens on everyone who is earning a living wage,” Stuckenberg said. “They need to be able to keep more of what they earn in their pocket. We need to reduce inflation because it's eroding everyone's purchasing power.”

Stuckenberg said the way the country budgets and the national debt is an embarrassment to the world. Stuckenberg believes he can work with both parties to solve the national debt.

“We have had a balanced budget in the past,” Stuckenberg said. “We need to bring our spending under control.”

As for national security, Stuckerberg would deploy federal troops to the southern and northern U.S. borders. China is the country’s biggest threat, Stuckenberg said. He claims Chinese nationalists are coming into the country, and as president, he would use smart technology to prevent adversaries crossing the borders.

“If you see across rural America it's not just sufficient that they would import and put out our businesses and begin killing our small towns, as all of our manufacturing and all of our true industrial base has been exported,” Stuckenberg said. “China now wants to own our lands. They want to own our telecommunication systems. They want to own our information.”

He wants to change immigration laws so people can obtain citizenship faster and live here legally. Stuckenberg said if a person can earn their citizenship through having skills or speaking English, then they can be a U.S. Citizen

“Not everybody here came here in a lawful way, and we understand that,”Stuckenberg said. “But we also know that not everybody needs to leave. This is where common sense comes in. This is the part where the American people can connect with our common sense and allow us to make good judgment calls on those who can offer us something valuable.”

Stuckenberg is campaigning with his five children and a wife. He hopes to present himself as a representative of the people, not a career politician.

“We have to have leadership that represents our interest and the only way to get there is to have the people's president who is in touch with them and understands what we are all deadlines with,” Stuckenberg said. “That is my hope. This is a message that will resonate: one of us for all of us.”


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