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Celebrating Boun Pha Vet


Hundreds of Storm Lakers celebrated Thai and Lao culture during the Boun Pha Vet Festival at the Watlao Simongkhoun Chanthalaram Buddhist Temple on Rothmoor Road this past weekend. 

The festival spanned three days and showcased an array of brightly colored stands selling garments, jewelry, produce, artwork and more. Vendors came from across the country. The event drew primarily local Thai and Lao residents but was also open to the community. 

Boun Pha Vet is a traditional Buddhist festival that centers worship. The event commemorates the incarnation of Prince Vessantara, Buddha’s penultimate existence, as the Buddha. Celebrants typically recite Buddha’s birth story. That same day, Laotians often prepare money trees to be donated to the monks. 

The celebration also featured a long parade circling the temple grounds, prayer ceremonies and traditional Thai and Laotian food. A musical performer traveled from Thailand to sing on stage throughout the weekend. 


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