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BVCT presents ‘Freaky Friday’


A freaky favorite story that has delighted generations will take the stage at Roxy Theater in Alta this weekend.

“Freaky Friday” is a new musical based on the celebrated Disney film and the novel by Mary Rodgers. A cast of 29 performers from six area communities join Buena Vista Community Theatre to present “Freaky Friday” on June 27, 28 and 29 at 7 p.m. and June 30 at 2 p.m.

Call 712-732-4157 for reservations. Adult tickets are $15, youth (12 and under) are $10.

The Family

ELLIE BLAKE (The smart, funny daughter): Tegan Owens

KATHERINE BLAKE (The decisive, punctual mom): Ashley WolfTornabane

MIKE (Katherine’s charming, kind fiancé): Zach Freking-Smith

FLETCHER (Ellie’s younger brother, obsessed with his puppets): Piper Westphal

ANGRY BOB (Fletcher’s enraged purple hippo puppet): Tucker Buddenhagen

CASPIAN (Fletcher’s proper British starfish puppet): Ryan McVinua

GRANDMA HELENE (Katherine’s caring mother): Emily Khamphasouk

GRANDPA GORDON (Katherine’s grumpy, stubborn father): Paul Hill

The Students

HANNAH (Ellie’s hacker-geek best friend): Jamie Buddenhagen

GRETCHEN (Ellie’s intense, emotional best friend): Trista Erlandson

SAVANNAH (The brilliant, aggressive villain): Bryndalyn Brock

ADAM (The adorable, cool Listmaster): Lainey Buckendahl

PARKER (Ellie’s friend, Wells’ best friend): Izaak Poller

WELLS (Ellie’s friend, Parker’s best friend): Nia Hamilton

LAUREL (A random teen, unimpressed): Sophia Keleher

The Adults

TORREY (Katherine’s perfectionist assistant): RyAnne Steffen

DANIELLE (The polished Weddings Magazine journalist): Piper Graham

LOUIS (Weddings Magazine photographer): Naomi WolfTornabane

PASTOR BRUNO (The cheerful minister who loves weddings): Bradley Brown

MS. MYERS (The intense gym teacher): Emily Khamphasouk

MRS. LUCKENBILL (The empathetic English teacher): Piper Graham

SENOR O’BRIEN (Argumentative Spanish teacher): Emily Khamphasouk

DR. EHRIN (The test-obsessed, school counselor): Stephanie Rinkel

MR. BLUMEN (The cynical Biology teacher): Bradley Brown

OFFICER SITZ (An insensitive police officer): Stephanie Rinkel

OFFICER KOWALSKI (An insensitive police officer): RyAnne Steffen

MRS. TIME (The apathetic antique shop proprietor): Kate Westphal

SECURITY GUARD (Guards the fountain): Bradley Brown

Student Ensemble

Sophia Keleher, Shaela Graham, Naomi WolfTornabane, Eden Smith, Jazzelle Jacuinde, Piper Westphal, Hadley Newhouse, Kazlynn Brown

Freaky Friday, Buena Vista Community Theatre, Roxy Theater


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