Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany 1/30/33

Two days later, 26-year-old Deitrich Bonhoeffer, a Protestant minister, gave a radio address about the “Fuhrer.Principle”, opposing the idea that a leader should ever become an unquestioned fuhrer, without any check and balance. Well, the signal was soon blocked, and the address was ended. And 12 years later, Bonnhoeffer was hanged by order of the Fuhrer.

Hitler had a long run of firing and executing any person that argued with him or disagreed with his ideas. Now, of course, we have a president here in America, that demands absolute loyalty and he says that a lot. He asked Comey to back off on Flynn (fired). Then he was angered by Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe (which brought the appointment of Special Prosecutor Mueller). Then he asked McCabe who he voted for (now resigned under pressure). And he has asked Rosenstein if he is “on my team.” Now Trump is in open warfare with both the DOJ and FBI over a questionable intelligence memo, that may or may not be accurate or fair (depending on your party). Heck-Wray and Rosenstein are both his appointees, but he knows if they go bye-bye he can then hand-picked yes men to say no to prosecution if Mueller has the goods on him (stay tuned there). He already knows it is suicide for him to fire Mueller-that would be like the “Saturday Night Massacre” in 1973, when Nixon fired Archie Cox (Special Prosecutor). He already wanted to fire Mueller last June, but his own soldiers stopped him (thank you to McGahn).

Well, people aren’t dying in his midst yet. There are still some Republicans that stand up to him, so he hasn’t stolen the republic like Caesar did, back in ancient Rome. The Constitution still stands, and he hasn’t abolished the Senate yet. Let’s just hope there are loyal opposition groups that keep checks and balances intact until the midterm elections later this year. You gonna vote?


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