Alta helps homeowners fix sidewalks

Similar problems seen in Storm Lake

The Alta City Council appropriated $5,000 to a new program that incentivizes homeowners to replace broken sidewalks, a growing problem in Alta and Storm Lake.  The council last Monday directed City Clerk Megan Peterson to draft a resolution that outlines the city’s updated concrete replacement program with a $5,000 appropriation.  Homeowners will be reimbursed for the market rate, or $7 […]

Editorial: Grassley votes ‘No’

Sen. Chuck Grassley voted against proceeding with a limited gun safety bill this week, while Sen. Joni Ernst voted for it. Both are Iowa Republicans. Grassley is up for re-election in November; Ernst is not (and has built her tenure on efforts to combat domestic violence). Grassley knows his base and his benefactors. The bill is a modest effort to […]

Father’s Day at the ball game

Every father thinks his kids are the best — and that’s the way it should be. But Bridget and Justin get my votes for #1 children after they told us Sunday morning that they had tickets for that night’s College World Series game between Notre Dame and Oklahoma. An email from Ticketmaster arrived shortly with two electronic tickets attached and […]

It’s wrong to tell parents what their kids can read

Here we are, well into year three of the effects and after-effects of Covid. An oft-heard comment during this time has come from people who believe government should simply butt out. These people believe government should leave it to individuals, and parents, to decide what is best for themselves and their children. “I trust Iowans to do the right thing,” […]

Editorial: Fertilizer and herbicide

It’s discomfiting to think of dousing lake vegetation with chemicals, as a contractor for the state did Thursday. It’s safe for swimmers and aquatic life, except for the weed beds that grew thick in recent years as the water clarified. We remind ourselves that vegetation thrives on water, sunlight and, of course, fertilizer in the form of phosphorous laid on […]

After Covid, Times Pilot staffer chops off locks to help

Auburn strands will aid children with hair loss

Storm Lake Times Pilot circulation manager/page designer Zach Dicks decided he needed a summer haircut.  His mom did the deed a bit earlier than planned, partially because the air conditioner at the newspaper office went out on Monday and who knew if it would be functioning Tuesday.  Still, the abundant red hair was long enough – seven inches – to […]

zebra mussels873

Lake clarity drops, zebra mussels may be ebbing

‘Eating themselves out of house and home’

Storm Lake’s average water clarity readings have decreased 53% since 2019, a suspected result of a significant decline in zebra mussel populations.  Veteran lakewatcher Mike Brecher on Tuesday told the Lake Preservation Association the average lake clarity reading in the 2022 open-water season is 20.91 inches. The reading would be by far the lowest since lake dredging ended in 2017.  […]

New consignment boutique opens in Storm Lake

Small Town Consignment & Boutique opened this week at the former Sears store, 701 Seneca St. Owner Destiney Lansink of Odebolt has collected consignments from 142 individuals so far, and has 41 more sellers waiting, which indicates the level of interest for this type of business.  “Almost every person I talked to said, ‘Storm Lake needs this so bad,’” she […]

SL City Council rejects dog kennel as property sale fizzles

The Storm Lake City Council rejected an ordinance amendment that was requested to allow dog kennels north of the McKenna Addition. Councilwoman Maggie Martinez and Tyson Rice defeated the amendment that would’ve allowed dog kennels in the general industrial area. The two cast their votes without comment to Building Official Scott Olesen, who noted city hall hasn’t received any feedback […]

Jensen wants the Cobblestone to open this year

Starting as bar and pizza parlor

The Cobblestone Inn & Ballroom could open as early as late 2022 as a bar and pizza parlor, and in subsequent years a wedding venue, lakeside concert venue and dance hall. Nate Jensen, the owner of the historic venue, told the Lakeside City Council he intends to open the venue’s former south bar and its restaurant booths later this year. […]