Cherokee SWCD accepting scholarship applications

The Cherokee Soil & Water Conservation District is now accepting scholarship applications from high school seniors residing in Cherokee County who will be pursuing programs of study in any field of conservation or agriculture.   The SWCD commissioners will award local scholarships and forward the top application to the Conservation Districts of Iowa Regional Director for consideration. The director will […]

Editorial: Food as security

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motivation for the military build-up around Ukraine has been ascribed to many things, not least of which is his grand historical vision of regional imperialism. Nobody knows what actually is going on inside his head. We do know this much: Together, Russia and Ukraine are the breadbasket of Europe and the Middle East, accounting for 30% […]

The eyes have it

Whenever people of my age — over 65 — get together, the conversation inevitably turns to health. It’s like we want to brag about who has had the most impressive surgery. That’s what I figured a couple of months ago when I mentioned to a group that I was going to have cataract surgery. I thought I had some hot […]

Editorial: The Iowa model

The Democrats are happy that they are doing a great job of gerrymandering in New York to pick up congressional seats, and Republicans are delighted that Nashville will be split up to keep the Democrats down. It’s a gerrymandering rolling brawl across the country — Illinois for the blue, Texas for the red. Fortunately for us, Iowa stays above the […]

Iowa school debate needs a lesson in civics

A seat at the table. nn Iowa Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver provided that succinct explanation last week of what his fellow Republicans are looking to provide to Iowa parents as the state’s K-12 school districts wrestle with a host of controversies. His colleague, Senate President Jake Chapman, set the tone a few weeks ago for addressing these controversies in this […]

Letters to the Editor

Speak up for Iowa’s teachers What does Gov. Kim Reynolds have against public schools, specifically administrators and teachers?  Why is she unwilling to let school superintendents, selected by local community leaders, make administrative decisions relevant to the district they represent? Why is she making it harder and harder for teachers to teach?  Our public school teachers have been in the […]

Tavern 119 drawing crowds to Fonda

Tavern 119 in Fonda has caught peoples’ attention with plate-sized sizzling steaks, a welcoming atmosphere in a historic building and most recently a golf simulator.  Owners Matt and Abby Stauter also caught the attention of the Pocahontas County Economic Development Commission, and took home the 2022 Business of the Year award Jan. 19. “Who doesn’t want to golf in the […]

Linn Grove building destroyed by fire

Firefighters battled a blaze and subzero temperatures late Thursday evening in Linn Grove’s business district. The fire at the former telephone company building at 203 S. Weaver St., was reported around 9:20 p.m. Fire departments from Peterson, Sioux Rapids and Rembrandt were all called to the scene, along with Buena Vista County sheriff’s deputies. Emergency personnel remained on the scene […]

Tyson wants court to reconsider ruling

Tyson Foods has asked the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its December ruling that found the company was not operating at the behest of the federal government during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Paul Clement, an attorney for the company, argued in a filing on Monday the Eighth Circuit’s decision in December “contravenes well-settled legal principles […]

Local volunteer health insurance counselors needed

‘Not everybody is comfortable going onto the computer’

For many Iowans, understanding Medicare and related health insurance can be overwhelming. In Buena Vista County, Gary Rosene, Sue Geisinger and Kathryn McKinley have been the loyal go-to volunteers to help with questions like “Where do I start? What are my options? Am I making the right decision? What will it cost me?  Is there help if I can’t afford […]