Thanks to the city for quick tree response


I have to admit that over the years I have been less than generous when referencing municipal government. On numerous occasions, in various settings I have mocked people thinking they could effect change simply by calling on municipal officers with a grievance. I’ve said  “yes you could call city hall or you could get just as much accomplished by speaking your wishes to your bathroom mirror.”

Well... now I have to apologize. Three weeks ago, while installing my dock near the tree museum, I noticed a tree leaning over at my dock site. The ice had heaved a great berm of sand up and greatly undercut the base of this tree right at my dock. Further wave action continued the erosion to the point it was a hazard of toppling over in my opinion. So... I took a couple of pictures and sent along with an email to Keri Navratil of my concern — not expecting much but at least relieving my responsibility as a citizen. One week later, I stopped at the dock for something and the subject tree was gone! So much for my skeptisim and sarcasm!

It’s possible my note didn’t have anything to do with the tree’s removal  — even better if someone in city employ is proactively looking the park over from time to time. We’ve always appreciated how quickly the parks are restored after events like the Star Spangled Spectacular, HyNoon Kiwanis Car show and other events. Thanks.


Storm Lake

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