Renewable energy at 100% to improve our earth


We must eliminate our carbon pollution/greenhouse gas emissions footprint to reduce costs associated with, for example: rising health care costs, property destruction, severe weather events, spread of disease, sea level rise and food shortages. It is necessary we eliminate production of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide by 2050.

To meet these goals, we need motivation to expand our implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy like wind and solar to meet 100% of our energy needs. Iowa will require systematic changes to our energy economy. We are required to make short term goals to reach long term goals.  Government and private sectors need resolve to support the continued additions of wind and solar energy as quickly and expansively as possible.

In 2019 wind actually blew past coal as our main source of generation. Renewable energy accounts for nearly 42% of Iowa’s electricity generation, among the highest of any state This leadership is an important first step, but Iowa must sustain — and even ramp up — its progress on renewable energy for the next thirty years.

In addition to much more wind, solar, and efficiency, we will need to see enhancements in 1) energy storage; 2) demand response curtailment programs; 3) new and expanded transmission and 4) electrification. We are already on the path to achieving this ambitious goal of 100% renewable energy – let us not stop now.  Let us keep Iowa on a strong and steady path to 100% renewable!



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