Greetings to The Times


Greetings and thank you! I am originally from a farm north of Arthur, and my nephews and I still own our land and contract with a local family who farm it for us (and themselves) on a lease arrangement. I so enjoy reading and receiving The Storm Lake Times online each week day.

I pay for the NYT and the Washington Post online and cannot think of a reason why I should not pay for your work and paper as well. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

I am reading and enjoying your book, “Storm Lake”. My dad (and my brothers, mother and myself) fed fat cattle and raised mostly corn on our farm (today, corn and beans, of course). In my father’s “big” years, he fed out 1,000 head of cattle (calves and yearlings purchased from Nebraska and the Dakotas either as yearlings or as younger calves). My dad was smart and good at it and, as goes without saying, hardworking (as were his children and wife). He told me many stories of returning to Ida County after WWII and starting to farm on the original 80 acres that he inherited from his grandfather. He also told us about the big factory feed lots and the devastation they brought to the business he loved. My brothers went to college and then to the Board of Trade in Chicago and I became a lawyer and still work a couple days a week from my desk in our house in Palm Desert, Calif. I am the only member of my immediate family who still lives. My dad left the land to me and to my three nephews (my brothers were deceased by the time daddy passed away) and since “Neals do not sell land!” my nephews and I will be shepherds of that inheritance for a long time to come.

Thanks again! It is a pleasure to know that you are out there, typing away. Best wishes and stay safe.


Palm Desert, Calif.

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