My thanks to law enforcement


I have, on many occasions, had to have the assistance of the Storm Lake Police Dept. I used to drive a cab, was a Realtor in town and had many instances for the need of assistance. Every time I have needed them they gladly came to my assistance. I have been pro law enforcement all my life, I think due to being an Air Force brat. The men and women who serve us citizens of this great country should always be shown the respect and gratitude that they deserve. They should hold their heads high knowing they make a difference.

I know right now we as a country are struggling with many problems concerning keeping our country safe but I believe that the good outweighs the bad.

So I want to thank the wonderful officers who came to my rescue recently and may God bless all our law enforcement officers and soldiers. They serve so you and I can have a wonderful safe life.


Spirit Lake

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