Christians should wonder how billions will be fooled by the ‘antichrist’ in Revelations


Well, look no further than Donald Trump's unwavering support among fundamentalists in spite of his compulsive lies and twisting of facts, and where just throwing bones out there that appeal to conservatives keeps many people averting their eyes from his deceptive streak.

Fascist nationalistic conservatism did the same thing for Hitler in Nazi Germany and Mussolini in fascist Italy.  Liberals were the bumblepuppies for “el dolce” in Italy, Jews for “der fuhrer” in Germany and the “immigrant problem” works for Trump now, as well as antiabortion rhetoric, of course.

Now, recall Trump says he believes Putin, the Saudis and North Korean Kim more than his own foreign intelligence experts, variously. He claims he has a “secret” deal with Mexico and now even admits if foreign governments offer “poop” on his political opponents he will listen, without even telling the FBI (maybe).

And now, in spite of specific documentation that Trump told his White House counsel McGahn to “fire” Mueller, he now has the gall to quip that “maybe” McGahn was “confused.”  Once again I say if people are so gullible to accept his words as truth, this is just how the Antichrist will bamboozle billions and that's that. Are we watching Revelations play out before our very eyes right now where truth is taken as false, and false is seen as truth?


Storm Lake

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