Vote yes for our children


This is an exciting time for Storm Lake Schools. We have a bond issue vote coming up on Dec. 11. Those in our community who are not working in our schools may not be aware, but we are busting at the seams! We have had record enrollment for the past several years, and our elementary and middle schools each could be over capacity by about 150 students this year. We’re also approaching a point where we might not have enough space for a class of kindergarten students in the near future. For years the district and school board have worked hard to be fiscally conservative and make the most of the taxpayers’ investments in our schools. The board believes the time has come to address our capacity needs.

If approved by voters, the bond issue would allow the district to address many of its current capacity needs by expanding the Early Childhood Center through a two-phase project. “In terms of human development, the importance of early childhood education can’t be overstated. A child’s early years are the foundation for his or her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities…research continues to emphasize the importance of early childhood education as an essential building block of a child’s future success (”

The first phase of this expansion would provide more space for the district’s kindergarten. The second phase would provide space for programming currently at East (Begindergarten, B4 Kinder and special education programs), as well as first-grade students.

We would like to encourage you to vote YES on the school bond. Vote for our children and our future.

P. Robinson, K. Andreasen, C. Baker, K. Besch, M. Burdett, P. Bjorkgren, A. Chrischilles, T. Dahlstrom, S. Duque, K. Etherington, J. Freking-Smith, L. Gano, C. Garner-Prouty, L. Hare, J. Henkenius, K. Hixon, L. Holsing, J. Leeper, B. Mathews, C. McFarlane, P. Meineke, C. Mickens, J. Millea, J. Miller, T. Moritz, Y. Munoz, L. Munsey, S. Nicholson, M. Olesen, S. Poor-Bear, J. Parker, J. Schafer, M. Shook, L. Singh, R. Sitzman, J. Spooner, A. Stewart, R. Sitzman, H. Stille, J. Taylor, H. Torres, A. Vlahoulis, E. Vos, B. Wieck, R. Wieck, N. Williams, J. Wilson, N. Wilson, A. Zinn