A new Newshound

Peach, left, and Peaches. 



Mabel the Newshound has gone to the place where she catches the rabbit every time and where there is a fire hydrant every 10 yards. She went in to have a tooth removed, was put under and never came back out, victim of too big a heart. Our English Setter mix was six and a friend to all except for that one huge dog in Sunset Park who terrified her.

Mabel was the best dog ever, except for Jack who preceded her in eternal reward.

And then came Peach.

Son Kieran works on the ambulance crew in Marshalltown. He spotted a nice dog at the pound, socially networked with daughter Clare (who picked Mabel), and the both of them set to work on getting Dolores a new navigator in the black TimesMobile.

Within three weeks, and on the same day that we received Mabel’s ashes in a small bag, Dolores was driving west toward Storm Lake with an Australian Shepherd/Brittany mix riding shotgun. Peach put her paw on the window button and nearly got sucked out along Hwy. 20.

I was ambivalent about a new dog, as I was initially about Mabel. But I knew it was inevitable. Better to be married to a crazy dog and rabbit lady than a crazy cat lady, I figure, especially since I am allergic to and skeptical of cats. The rabbit causes me no distraction in his pen.

Peach walked in the back door, spotted the rabbit and stayed in a crouch for 24 hours straight.

We were not crazy about the name, primarily because Peaches, a male, walks with Hugh Perry and Hugh is occupied enough (at an easy pace) without trying to keep track of another dog. Our dog, a female, was named Peach, locked up in a kennel in Cole Camp, Mo., and broke out of the kennel risking her own personal injury. She fled to Marshalltown and was further confined in a house where she flew through the window in a heroic feat and landed in the pound waiting to walk the green mile.

Until Dolores freed her six weeks ago.

So she showed early signs, at 18 months, of jailhouse neuroses that would take several hot dogs to cure.

For starters, she seriously wants to kill that rabbit. Who am I to get in the way of Nature’s command, especially after the rabbit chewed up my moccasin? Yet I have urged restraint and Peach has respected my request so far. Dolores should take note.

Second, I left the house for 15 minutes. I came back in to find Peach with the TV remote at the back door. It suffered several large fang punctures. The channels were locked so I could not see the Duke-Villanova game. Peach might have to take a ride out in the country …

Then she ripped up the last roll of toilet paper in the house during a blizzard. That is why any dog owner should subscribe to The Storm Lake Times and its multiple sections of the finest Canadian newsprint. Better than using buttonweeds out of season.

Her main offense is wanting human companionship. After three weeks without a dog dragging you off your duff and down to the lake we needed a little canine companionship. Dolores did, I should say.

Despite the fact that she displays many juvenile tendencies, Peach is friendly, demands to be petted and loves the neighbor kids. And she is fast. She might actually catch a squirrel in this life.

Stop in and meet her sometime. She is asleep at Dolores’ feet, like any good newshound. It looks like we’ll keep her.