Healthcare for all, not privatized Medicaid

My name is Cathy Glasson. I’m a nurse and a union leader, and a candidate for governor.

The idea that the Medicaid privatization experiment is working is a lie that cannot be repeated often enough that it becomes truth. We need to listen to the countless people across the state who live every day with Kim Reynolds’ decision to make commodities out of people and turn our health into a profit-making venture.

I believe the time is long overdue that we stop turning our backs on these Iowans. We must hear their stories and lived experiences, and act immediately to end the privatization of our healthcare that puts the needs of private corporations ahead of the lives of our citizens.

Nobody elected the Branstad/Reynolds administration to privatize a Medicaid system that worked, just to give contracts to their corporate cronies, leaving the Department of Human Services without enough social workers to monitor children and vulnerable adults.

We must guarantee quality healthcare for all, not the select few. End this Medicaid disaster now. Everyday Iowans can’t wait any longer.


Cedar Rapids