Police warn of tax scam

The Storm Lake Police Department is warning the community of a telephone scam that presented itself in the area illegally using the Internal Revenue (IRS) name.

Citizens and businesses in the Storm Lake area are receiving phone calls from an unknown person who says he or she is an agent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).            

The caller tells the potential victim that they owe back taxes to the IRS.  The caller claims that if these back taxes are not immediately paid an arrest warrant will be issued for the potential victim.

The caller tells the customer that they can take care of these back taxes by acquiring a “Green Dot Cash Card” and then call a number that they are given and give the cash card account number to the person who answers the phone.

The IRS confirmed Monday to the Storm Lake Police Department that these calls are scams and are not being conducted by the IRS.

The SLPD warns all citizens and businesses to be vigilant for these calls and to not provide any personal or financial information to the callers. Citizens and business owners should notify local law enforcement in the event they receive a fraudulent call.

For more information contact the Storm Lake Police Department at 712-732-8010 or the BV County Communications Center at 712-749-2525.