Police Blotter

Pair arrested for trying to pick fight

 A police officer was flagged down at Dyno’s convenience store on Wednesday at 8:22 p.m. because two people tried to start a fight and then left the store.

The officer had seen the two suspects leave the area and stopped their vehicle in the 400 block of Michigan Street.

The two men in the car were identified as Jimmie Cowan, 25 and Gabriel O’Quinn, 23, both of Storm Lake.

During the investigation police found Cowan in possession of marijuana. Both men were arrested and Cowan was charged with possession of marijuana. He was booked on $300 bond.

O’Quinn was charged with disorderly conduct and booked on $300 bond. No injuries were reported.


Duo charged with public intoxication

Two men were walking along the 1500 block of East Lakeshore Drive consuming alcoholic beverages on Wednesday at 10:19 p.m.

Police in the area located the two men, Benjamin Gardner, 47, of Pipestone, Minn., and Nicholas Dickson, 23, of Sioux Falls, SD.

Both men were charged with public intoxication. They were booked on $300 bond each.