Woman violates probation, gets original 5-year prison sentence

Danica Mosley, 20, of Storm Lake was found guilty of violating the terms of her probation and was sentenced to a term not to exceed five years in prison. Mosley had been on probation since November  2013 after pleading guilty to forgery as well as two misdemeanor theft crimes.

Mosley was originally accused of stealing and fraudulently writing checks without the account holders’ permission. As a term of her probation, Mosley was ordered to reside at a residential treatment facility for a period of 180 days or until maximum benefits were achieved.

Mosley absconded from the treatment facility prior to completing the program. She claimed that she should have another chance, having called the facility within two hours of her escape to attempt to re-enter the program.

Judge Carr agreed with the county attorney that her past behavior did not justify giving her the opportunity to participate in the residential treatment program and imposed a prison sentence of up to five years.