First the dinner, then the laughs

Left to right: Jeaneth Ibarra, Will Sager, Howard Avery, Rick Retzlaff of

Tyson; Topiz Martinez, Kenya Ledesma of Better Day Café; Jordan

Hustedt of TC Boutique; Larry Schultz of Storm Lake Honda; Rick

Hartwig, Houston Hartwig of Jimmy Johns; Jon Borjas, Jennifer

Hustedt, Natalie Schumann, Chad Hustedt, Nancy Jensen, Nathan

Jensen of Smokin’ Hereford BBQ. TIMES photo by DOLORES CULLEN

SLU Banquet satisfies

Comedian and magician Lee Cole brought a steady stream of laughs last Thursday when he made a playing card appear in a bottle of beer, filched car salesman Matt Pearson’s wristwatch and massaged the scalp of the Buena Vista University president’s wife.

Was nothing sacred? He teased Tyson’s chaplain and called The Storm Lake Times’s Pulitzer Prize winner Art Cullen “part of a Mark Twain cover band.”

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