I was about... to compliment Trump


For background, Trumps blustering and bellicose name calling (“Little Rocketman”) almost started a nuclear exchange.  But then it almost appeared his rough bullying might have worked, what with their historic meeting-hey, he said he had averted nuclear war and everybody in Asia was relieved, right?

Then he asked Kim if he had heard Elton John’s song, ie: “Rocketman”...and I loved that song.  Then he sent his former adversary a CD, (I had it on 8 track, remember those?) Geeze, it sounds like these guys are now friends, ramping DOWN the rhetoric, we’ll be trading partners in no time, right?  He also claimed American bodies from the Korean War were already coming home (not)-but he claims lots of thing that are not true.

But then satellite feed showed N. Korea UPDATING their nuke facilities instead of destroying same.

And now Mike Pompeo came back from a two day meeting there, and reports indicate our adversaries think we made unilateral demands to denuclearize...without offering anything in return (in other words, they feel betrayed).  Meaning Trumps CD with Rocketman on it will just seem like a backhanded slap on the face.  Maybe he should start bombing them...with tons of American refrigerators, stoves, practical things, maybe food for their people-things like that-to show good faith for a change.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Trump goes on talking like Neville Chamberland saying Hitler wants peace (circa 1938, before all Hell broke loose), ie: Putin’s fine, we’re all fine, like he is ready to solve all fights.

And now he threatens journalists, mocks a dying war hero (John McCain) makes fun of Bush the Elder (“thousand points of light” volunteerism)...right after saluting foreign generals.

So no, no complement is forthcoming.


Storm Lake