Cathy Glasson for governor


Cathy Glasson has clearly and strongly spoken out against factory farming since the beginning of her campaign. Cathy supports farmers and responsible agriculture and supports returning agriculture to the people of Iowa.  She does not support factories that hide under the name of farming.  

Last summer a CAFO was built one mile from my home. I have epilepsy and the noxious fumes from these operations contain aromatic hydrocarbons which can trigger seizures, headaches, burning eyes and throat, wheezing, and on and on. 

This is my home and I want to protect it, my health, and the health of the children in my family.  Cathy Glasson was the first candidate to call for a moratorium on CAFO’s, and was the first to implement a farming and environmental council to develop policies with and for those who will be affected by them.

Cathy has educated herself about farming and the environment by listening to leading experts in agri-ecology.  She has spoken out boldly about their recommendations to save our State.  Cathy has a bold plan to return Iowa and farming to the people of Iowa.

Please support Cathy Glasson for Governor by voting for her on or before June 5 (early voting began May 7).


Iowa Citizens for Responsible Agriculture - Worth County