Elected public servants play God


From atop their very own high horse of infallibility Republicans in governing power in the State of Iowa have decided to play God with enactment of an edict that bans abortion at a point in which these politicians consider a fetus to be more preciously important than a woman who is most likely a very dear wife, mother and friend to others.

These Republicans intend to use the power of government to eliminate the capacity of a woman to exercise her God given conscience as best she can do when faced with a grave personal matter of life and death.   Such a woman in the past has been free to exercise her conscience with the loving support of family and friends, trusted medical council, and with any salving ministry that the woman’s faith might draw unto her.

This new right-wing restriction is issued from the same ex-cathedra seat of Earthly infallibility that has empowered these Republican deities to insist that big-bad-government shall in no way limit their just right to personally go armed with a gun so that they can blow away anyone they deem to in anyway be a danger to them. Thus so, Republicans herald themselves on Earth as Almighty God of Gotcha-and-Gun, with some fingers and lives blown away with fireworks restored in service to blasting away in some bloody-old 4th of July fun.


West Branch