Cullen represented us well


I feel compelled to thank you for your words on national television last week. It takes bravery to sit down with a news anchor and ‘tell it like it is’; politics removed. And in a world of Left versus Right; Trump supporters versus Anti-Trump; Pro 2nd amendment versus anti-gun laws; kneel versus stand; Jordan versus LeBron; Cat versus dog; Pineapple on your pizza or ‘absolutely not!’…whatever the issue, it is always a dichotomy. The line in the sand is drawn. Pick your side.

Katie Couric’s series has done a great job at researching and portraying these two sides. Every week it as though one side stands out. The human side. The intuitive, politically-removed-no smoke and mirrors-part of humanity that has been lost in the interweaving’s of technology, fake news and the World Wide Web. It’s the part of our soul that’s voice has been drowned to a mere whisper. Only the yelling from major news media, advertisements, social media, television, and greed are heard. It’s the whisper we must not forget. The conscious of our being. The nature of the human species to protect those that are in need: the sick, the poor, the hungry [no matter the nation or skin color].

The series reminded me of a very valuable lesson from my sociology professor at Tulane University. We went around the room and told the class our ethnic origins. I said, “well my mother is Irish and my father is English.” The next says African and European, and so on and so on. At the end, he exclaimed, “Did anyone catch that?! How incredible?! Anyone? We have a young black woman that’s white and we have a young white woman that’s black.” He goes on… “Racism will be a thing of the past when cultures mix and people mix. They will fall in love and have babies. Then their mixed children will grow up and marry other mixed children. THAT’S when racism ends. When we are a people from all nations and all over the world and everyone is from everywhere so racism cannot persist.”

And it’s happening. It’s happening in Storm Lake. Remember when the Irish could only marry the Irish or whites with whites? It was not long ago marrying outside of your race was considered a crime. It was just in 1963 that the Loving’s (a white man married to a black woman) were arrested because their interracial marriage was “against the peace and dignity of the commonwealth.” Remember? Storm Lake is a pioneer like Mildred and Richard Loving. When you look back, it seems so obvious of what was right and wrong. It is the ‘tribalism’, as you said, that makes people do unintelligent things. Storm Lake is erasing the line in the sand. We have dropped our tribalism. We are asking what we can do for each other not what we can do for ourselves. It’s remarkable! Storm Lake is remarkable!

The point is, your words on national television and how you said it took the whisper in our souls and gave it a megaphone. You reminded our community of how special it is to be a Storm Laker. You reminded the nation what defines America and the words that are scripted on our lady liberty. You, my friend, reminded each and every one of us that we are humans first. You represented us well. THANK YOU!


Storm Lake