Iowa stolen by the profit driven

I read John’s piece and thought to myself, the problem with Iowa is the same problem the rest of country has, the Republican party has been stolen away from the Robert Ray’s of the world by the corporate raiders and racist hatemongers that now occupy the White House and the halls of Congress. 

Iowa used to provide quiet moral leadership for this country with progressive ideals and common sense solutions. We answered questions the rest of the country found difficult with simple answers. Of course blacks should go to the same schools. Of course women should be allowed to be lawyers. Of course you should be able to marry whomever you want. 

But that Iowa was stolen away by the narrow minded, by the profit driven, by the xenophobic. I miss my Iowa. I only hope that enough people can either remember the way it was and vote for a return to those level headed days, or that enough people become outraged and vote for a future of which we can once again be proud.


(Formerly of Iowa but guilty of youth flight)

South Glastonbury, Conn.