Amending Iowa’s Constitution



R-District 6

Floor debate picked up this week. Bills that survived the first funnel are now coming to the floor for further approval before being sent to the House for the next step. Bills passed by the House are moving to the Senate, working their way through committees, to be eligible for debate before we reach the second funnel date.

This marks the half way point in this year’s session. It is important to remember that no bill passed by one legislature can prevent another legislature from changing that law. I would add that the only thing binding a session is the Iowa Constitution. In order to change the constitution, an amendment must be passed in the exact same form by two consecutive General Assemblies. Keep in mind there is an election of a new set of legislators between the two General Assemblies. Then, if that process is successful, the amendment is put to a vote of the people before it is added to the Iowa Constitution.

Adding the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution to the Iowa Constitution would require passage in this year’s session, and either next year’s session or the 2020 session to be eligible for a vote of the people in the next general election. As you can tell from this explanation, amending the Iowa Constitution is no small task.

It is an honor serving as your senator.

I currently serve as the chair on the Human Resources Committee, and serve on the Agriculture, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs Committees. Additionally, I am the vice chair of the Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee. Please feel free to contact me at 515-281-3371 or by email at mark.segebart