Mental health and AR-15s

“Bless the beast and the children. Give them shelter from the storm” (The Carpenters).

There are a vast number of souls, who shoulder crosses every day, as they cope with what society refers to as mental illness. They endure, with little support, and declining compassion, from federal and state governments. Meanwhile, they are condemned by the NRA, and maligned by puppet-politicians, as the killers of our children. The NRA has invested in Trump, and much of Congress, to protect their gunslinging ways. They emphasize, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

We must realize, there is wisp of sensibility among deranged, just as there can be a modicum of neurosis among the best of us. There are, likely, millions in the world with mental health conditions. They rarely harm anyone. Only the ones “with guns” are killing our children. So indeed, weapons like the AR-15 need to be removed from the equation.