Florida shooter was probably radicalized by Russian instigators

Well, now we know Boris and Natasha, (actually 13 already indicted no less) worked around the clock to sow discord right here in Amerika. They pick up on any little topic of dissent, and work to foment almost violent debate, just itching to fume radicalized discourse.

Just the sort of stuff which throws impressionable young types over the edge, sending them to white supremacy hate groups, like those skinheads in Charlottesville, S.C. last summer. Methinks that almost describes how Nikolas Cruz may have flipped to become a mass murderer.

Now, in fact, news reports say the Russian bots (these are mere computer programs, sent packing every time they see an issue ripe for divisive propoganda) are running rampant...in the wake of the Florida shooting, to generate discourse...in support of EASIER access to guns, just itching to engage real Americans in divisive discourse on gun control.

And just where is Trump on all this? He won’t even do sanctions on Russia, already voted by Congress. Its like he likes Putin and company, while our nation burns.


Storm Lake