Bill sets long range goals for mental health



R-District 6

Week six was the last week before the first funnel. Senate bills that haven’t made it through Senate committees are no longer eligible for this year, unless they deal with tax, spending or oversight issues. For me this means life can return to normal. There is a limit to how much a legislature can do in 100 days. The funnel deadlines help us to stay on schedule.

The Senate pages delivered a great Valentine this week, with the following poem.

Republicans are Red,
Democrats are Blue,
It is a pleasure,
Working for you!

One bill, Senate File 2252 is what we call the Mental Health Complex Needs Bill. The bill sets a long range goal for mental health regions. It adds six more core services to the list for regions. These services will require cooperation between regions and take the next step to a comprehensive plan recommended by the Complex Needs Work Group. This is good news for the seriously mentally ill and their families. This bill made it through the funnel deadline.

Have a great weekend!

I currently serve as the chair on the Human Resources Committee, and serve on the Agriculture, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs Committees. Additionally, I am the vice chair of the Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee. Please feel free to contact me at 515-281-3371 or by email at