More night light unneccessary

No No NO! Where have you been for the last ? years? Have you no knowledge of climate change? If there is anything we don’t need, its more night lights. Do you care nothing about the migration of birds, butterflies, insects? You should, if for no other than the future for your (as yet) grandchildren.

Light pollution is real. If Storm Lake wants to be seen for something besides race relations we should “go dark.” That is install lights that shine down, not out. Those awful lights at Frank Starr Park are visible miles away across the lake. Kings Pointe, Ugh, all extinguishing the stars.

Do you know what time the moon rises tonight? Do you know which direction it rises from at this time of year? Have you ever looked up to see where the big dipper is? Or what phase the moon is even in?

Insurance companies say lighted yards tell thieves “hey there’s something to steal here, come on over.” There is no excuse for more lighting at night and plenty of proof that it is harming us and our earth.


Storm Lake