Where’s Steve King?

I learned about our system of government from my sixth grade social studies teacher. I was made aware of the three equal branches of government and the system of checks and balances that gave each body an independent role in governance. In writing the Constitution, our forefathers created the House of Representatives to be the legislative body that is supposed to interact most closely with the people they represent.

Unfortunately, whether it is indifference or an unwillingness to respond to differing points of view, my representative, Steve King, has been impossible to communicate with. He refuses to hold town hall meetings, he does not respond to my phone calls to his district offices, and his voice mail box in Washington DC is always full.

It is time to replace this ineffective member of the House whose only form of communication seems to be a series of offensive tweets. I would prefer that we elect a responsible Democrat, but I could live with a less embarrassing Republican.

Although he carries a copy of the Constitution in his breast pocket, I have seen no evidence that he understands it. Mr. King would have learned a lot from Miss Ida Fleming.


New Hartford