Provisions needed for immigration reform

A comprehensive immigration reform bill should have provisions long advocated by the Civil Rights icon, U.S. House of Representatives member and chairman of U.S. Committee on Immigration Reform, Barbara Jordan:

- Ending Chain Migration, nuclear family members only.

- Ending the Visa Lottery.

- Mandating E-verify for employment.

- Funding for increased border security with further building of the wall where feasible, electronic surveillance and more border patrol officers.

In addition, reducing overall immigration from 1.2 million yearly to a maximum of 500,000, and instituting a merit  based system based on education, and needed specific skill sets, among others.

DACA  legal status as proposed by President Obama of 670,000 recipients, with an eventual pathway to citizenship, when these provisions are met.

A recent Harvard study found wide support for these positions, including Hispanics and African Americans. 

Many of these provisions were advocated long ago by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Nancy Pelosi, before they decided they would not benefit their quest for political power, placing that far above the good of the country. 


Omaha, Neb.