Remember Nixon?

11/17/73, Richard Nixon gave a press conference in Orlando, saying to wit: “I am not a crook”, ie: that he wasn’t a burglar, Watergate-style, but the rest is history, right?

I am reminded of that line right now, after Donald Trump just announced in Davos, Switzerland, in response to questions about whether he tried to fire Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, last summer, that that is just “Fake news”, but he forgets that other, perchance more credible witnesses, are already on record stating that he did, in fact, state that he wanted to do just that. 

This is all very relevant, in fact, to allegations of obstruction of Justice, and Mueller probably already has people committed to statements that he did try to fire Mueller, and now Trump is in deeper trouble here — I explain: Lying to a federal investigator, under oath, or not, is perjury, if it is a lie, on some relevant, probative fact, and the fact of whether he tried to fire Mueller, is quite relevant to an obstruction charge, capiche?

Donald forgets that he doesn’t know exactly who, of some dozen pivotal witnesses, already interviewed by camp Mueller, have said precisely what, regarding the runups to firing of Flynn, firing of Comey, recusal of Sessions, and the discussions pertinent to firing of Mueller, and maybe Sessions (and others?). Recall that Trump already stated he fired Comey over that “Russia thing,” so there seems to be a trend here, of him trying to squelch investigations regarding what he calls the “witch-hunt”.

And with an interview with Mueller already blowing in the wind, I see Mueller asking him if he considered or tried to fire Mueller — if he lies to Mueller, perjury. If he admits the truth, follow-up question, did you ever deny trying?  Now he has to admit that he denied  (perjury). Checkmate, and that is that. And how many other times has he tried to deny obviously provable allegations of impulsive, at least bigoted, usually racist, always offensive comments twittered out there? I rest my case.


Storm Lake