Iowa needs more protection from factory farms

It’s that time of year again when county supervisors must pass the Master Matrix – a scoring system that supposedly holds factory farms to higher standards. Every January, each county must re-adopt the Master Matrix in order to recommend denial of factory farms.

We know the Master Matrix is far from perfect. But for now, it’s the only tool we have.

What we really need in Iowa is true local control and a moratorium. We won’t get there, though, unless we all step up to the plate – including our supervisors.

Everyday Iowans have been contacting their elected officials for years, asking for more protections from factory farms – but those calls have gone unheeded. Now, it’s time for our supervisors to join the chorus. In addition to re-adopting the Master Matrix, they should also call on the legislature to reign in the factory farm industry. Twenty counties have already taken this important step, either by writing letters or passing resolutions.

Call your supervisors today. Ask them to pass the Master Matrix (if they haven’t already) and ask them to demand more protections from factory farms. We’re counting on supervisors to stand up for our air, water and health!


Iowa CCI member