America is regressing

Via the internet I received a copy of the Dec. 8th editorial addressing some of Iowa’s racist’s problems and opinions. Good job by Art Cullen.

We have been driving back and forth through Iowa for 27 years. We often stay overnight. Beautiful state. Loaded historically with solid Germans and Norwegians and other groups. Sorry to read about it’s dark underside of racism and of course Iowa’s public shame with Representative King and Senator Grassley who belong back in the bigoted 19th century. Iowa is better than these men.

With our current narcissistic president and his “suck ups,” along with King and Grassley, America has regressed and is entering its downfall in failing to live up to its founding principles along with issues of guns, lost wars, addictions, fear instead of courage, poor budget priorities, voter suppression, bad forms of Evangelical religion, a widening gap between the 1% and the remaining 99%, ignorance in sexuality matters, fear of science, etc.

Iowa is not the only refuge of the misguided. However, your newspaper and its position remains a hope and a beacon of light in our tidal flow back into the ante-bellum 19th century.


Retired ELCA pastor

Highlands Ranch, Colo.