Trump pulls an Earl Butz buffoon gaff (again)

Earl Butz was Secretary of Agriculture in 1976, and was asked at a Republican National Convention why blacks don’t become Republicans-his response was that coloreds...only want a tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit (I shortened it a bit). That ran in Rolling Stone Magazine, 10/1/76. Well, Trump already said on video (in 2005) that rich and famous guys can do what they want-he just kisses women...and goes right for the pussy.  Nice one, Donald.

Now, the New York Times ran a story 12/23/17 about an immigration policy meeting at the White House in June, where Trump allegedly demeaned Haitians, by saying they “all have aids”, and that when all the Nigerians get here they will “never go back to their huts” (in Africa) and all Afghanis are terrorists. They based the story on two anonymous witnesses.  Of course, the White House has already denied that ever happened. That happens to be Trump’s standard modus operandi response-make snide, absolutist bigoted, racial slurs, then deny, deny.  Heck-now he says the pussy tape was doctored-after first saying it was just locker room talk.

So now, he seemed to be silent Bob about those skinheads in Charlottesville, then made racial comments about Indians, argued with a war widow, a bereaved father, stumped for that bigoted child dater in Alabama, now alienated almost the entire world over the embassy flap in Jerusalem, thumbs his nose at Little Rocketman, and now tries to deny doing an Earl Butz. Well, at least Earl Butz had the class to resign.


Storm Lake