Tax scam legislation

So the Republican/Russki Party’s Tax Giveaway Scam has passed—barely.  All Iowa members of said Party chose party over country…again…

This leads to many questions. 

Where are the “deficit hawks?” Oh, this poorly put together piece of legislation added the Corker (and Trump) Kickback in the Conference Reconciliation. But they couldn’t get rid of “carried interest?????” Another in the long and continually growing list of broken Trump campaign promises.

There is continuous reference to the Reagan tax cuts as an example of a tax cut that stimulated the economy. Why is there no reference to the fact that the Reagan administration tripled the national debt? About half of the current $20 trillion belongs to Reagan/Bush 41/Bush 43. And this scam will add….not pay down….trillions.

Where are the “Tea Baggers/Grover Norquist?” Do they not understand that non corporate tax “cuts” will expire in a few years and results will be tax increases? I’m sure they do, but once again, Republican/Russki (R/R) Party over country.

I had to chuckle when I listened to a R/R Senator try to explain how taxpayers would spend their extra take home pay on taking their family out to dinner, thus stimulating the economy.  He must not have gotten Chuck(les) Grassley’s “booze/women/movies” memo.

If you have any Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid/ VA benefits, hold on very tightly, especially if you live in Iowa.  We have seen what the R/R Party has done with privatizing Medicaid and a 1% increase in school funding. Someone is going to have to pay for this scam as it has been proven many times in the past that tax cuts/trickle down economics is a myth…see Reaganomics and Bush 43.


Storm Lake