Biting the hand that feeds you

Although I usually criticize our president, I think Trump has made a very valid point to the other nations at the UN-if they vote against the US on its sovereign decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem (which I have said was a bad political move), he will remember the nations voting for the UN resolution to condemn us, and plans to stop foreign aid to those nations. Well, the resolution passed, against his said warning today, 12/21 (no, I did not keep track of which nations voted for or against).

But I gotta hand it to him, for along time we have been giving huge amounts of foreign aid out like it was candy, and to be chastised for a decision on an embassy sounds like many nations are seeming to be ungrateful.  And so far, it looks like this embassy decision hasn’t had serious repercussions for our citizens and diplomats.  It remains to be seen how this changes the prospects for a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian/Jewish peace process (that hasn’t seen any progress for decades, recall).

And who knows, as brash as Trump’s moves sometimes seem, he seems to be making progress in various attempts. Let’s hope plans for a naval blockade of North Korea don’t backfire like our blockade of Japan did, in 1941, which apparently caused their attack on Pearl Harbor 12/7/1941, but I digress.


Storm Lake