Best wishes Julie number two

When I was working for Schaller-Crestland I affectionately said that I had two great Juli(e)’s in my life. One Juli in love, and one Julie in work. My one in love is spelled with no e. But the Julie I want to congratulate today is spelled with the “e” for she was “everything” you would want a coworker to be.

Ms. Julie McClintic is set to retire at the end of this month. I just wanted the people of the Schaller-Crestland School District to know that she was one of the most loyal, dedicated persons you could hope to have in the business manager’s position for 30 plus years.

When you take wedding vows you hear the words to love, honor and cherish, for richer or poorer and sickness and in health until death do you part.

Julie stood by this district in richer and poorer when state funds got tight and stood by me in sickness and in health. Julie shouldered a heavy load for me when I was going through my cancer treatments five years ago. She kept my head above water and was a true friend in one of my toughest times.

Think of the thousands of hours given to regular and special board meetings for district sharing and budget meetings. And when you do those hours at school a lot of work goes home with you.

Julie is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever known. She looked out for all employees reminding them to get paperwork in for employment or their insurance is changing please come in and sign the changes, or please get your contracts in. She never ever disparaged anyone, she always did things with a smile.

I had a hole in my heart as there was a gathering for Julie the other day I couldn’t attend because my health issues of five years ago has slowed me for now. I went to look for that perfect Hallmark Card for a person who is retiring or the perfect gift that says it all. Listen very carefully, I couldn’t find or think of one. There are no symbolic symbols that applied.

So, with that said please accept this letter to the editor as a small attempt to publicly thank you for the years I could spend with you but more importantly the years that I was able to spend with my second Julie, a very special person in my heart.

As far as a gift I will be giving her a gift card to our Marina Pop-n-Docs. But this gift isn’t a simple way out. No, it’s a decoy to get her to come to the Marina where after retirement she doesn’t have to hurry home on a Sunday afternoon because she has schoolwork to do before Monday.

No, once she gets there we are going to pull up two rocker glider chairs on the banks of the Missouri River so we can just talk, and watch the river go by just like our careers have.

So, let’s finish those vows I mentioned earlier. You “loved” your school, you are “honored” as a person of the highest integrity, you are “cherished” as a friend.

And yes, until “Retirement” do us part. I can’t end this on a sad note.

When you see Julie on the streets out and about, please thank her. Because my Julie number two is one special person.


Retired Superintendent of Schaller-Crestland and Galva-Holstein CSD