Consider giving to The Bridge

The local papers recently carried an article entitled “The Bridge seeks donation to raise $40k” and then goes on to point out the financial needs and lists the programs they sponsor. These programs are all designed to help the “under-served youth in our community” so naturally there ends up being a lot of youth being served that are immigrants to our communities.

The schools are already doing a tremendous job on integrating these youth into school activities. The SL high school music concert was a good example of this with a large group of sharp looking youth of all colors, all with a common goal of entertaining professionally, and they did a tremendous job of that. Also, note all the pictures in the newspapers of students that are excelling in various activities and they are from many races and working together well.

These folks are the future of our community as many will stay here and many will  leave and come back later because they like the community. It’s really important that they all be good citizens and an asset to the community to have an appealing  community that people want to come to. Many of these youth are  from minority/immigrant families where the parents have to work long hours to support their families and thus spend a lot of time away at work and are not able to be with their families as much as they would like to.

This is where The Bridge has done a tremendous job in providing free activities that include learning projects where the kids can work together to learn skills and where the kids can learn Christian principles and values that they may not be exposed to otherwise. Please go to the website,, to see more about their activities.

So it’s really important that The Bridge be able to continue to function and it takes some sacrifices. Jay and Ann Dahlhauser, who basically direct the day to day activities, are great examples of making sacrifices for a cause as they both are professional people that would earn a lot more money simply using their skills in their occupations which in itself is a tremendous sacrifice. I’m pleading for our community to step up in the form of large year end gifts and continued support in the future.

Jay mentioned in the paper article that they have to spend a lot of time fund raising in order to continue, and that takes time away from working with the youth. Let’s all solve that problem!

Thank you for listening and for your consideration.


Storm Lake