Trump makes Bush look smart

I never thought I could say a president made our last Bush look good-but moving our embassy to Jerusalem takes the cake. It actually proves just how embattled Trump feels about the Russia probe-he must really be unraveling to be grasping at straws thusly.

So far, let’s recap what has happened in-the middle East-The Islamic State was taken out by a coalition of Kurds, armed by us and the Saudis, fighting hard for territory against an Iranian/Russian group in Syria.  The Kurds also stopped ISIiS in Kirkuk, in Iraq.  Then, we backed Iraq against the Kurds there, and abruptly sided with Turkey and disarmed our friends, the Kurds (after we got their help variously, after many Kurds died fighting for OUR interests).

Now, both the Turks and Saudis are against us on the embassy movement to Jerusalem. Trump couldn’t have chosen a more controversial action at just such a time.  Here, we had the Saudis on our side, fighting against Iranian (Shiite) aggression in Syria, and now the Saudis will back Arab/Muslin unity against the Jewish infidels.

The 57 member Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arab League, Saudis, Iran, China, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, even the European Union, France, Germany, Britain-heck, even the Pope are against this.  Israel is even bracing for violence.

The only two players I haven’t seen come out about this (yet), are North Korea....and Russia, but they will soon enough.

Bottom line here? The only bunch likely to laud Trump’s action, Jackson, are the fundamentalist right wing of the Republican Party, that he needs to gird up to avoid aggressive prosecution in the Russia collusion project, so stay tuned sports fans, and that’s that.


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