Old is new at Peopleworks, Abel Acres

Top: Peopleworks, Inc. founder Kathy Peterson has created an

Industrial vibe in this old Alta building. Bottom left: What was

oncea hog barn (upper left) is now Abel Acres, a shop with

repurposed, seasonal and unique décor items. Right: Abel,

age 2, is with his parents Ike Isaacs and Molly Schroeder.


People do this nowadays. They see dirty, dilapidated buildings and turn them into stunning places of business.

Chalk it up to brilliant imaginations and trends like repurposing and industrial style.

Last year Molly Schroeder and her husband Ike Isaacs brought to life a hog barn on their acreage south of Alta. They opened it last May as Abel Acres (named after their two-year old), selling rejuvenated pieces of furniture and décor items.

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