Questions Muni benefits

As the president of Lake Creek Golf Course I took great interest in your article, “City Golf Course in the Hole” and the follow up editorial, “A Low Cost Amenity.”  I take issue with the assertion that the “Muni” has only lost $48,000 since 2013. According to your article, the Muni cost the city $108,926 last year.  The city omits the $95,257 cost to maintain the course in its profit/loss equation and justifies that by equating golf course maintenance with maintaining other city parks. I would be shocked if the city spent half-a-million dollars on any other park over the last five years.  

The Muni currently charges $149 for a single membership ($125 if paid early), municipal courses in similar sized cities charge the following: Fort Dodge $615; Mason City $580; Carroll $485; and Spencer, $480. You can’t golf in Alta, Aurelia, Newell, Fonda or Cherokee for less than $350. Lake Creek charges $569 and costs the taxpayers nothing.  

The current Lake Creek Board has worked diligently to change the perception of our course. We host the golf teams from St. Mary’s, Storm Lake and Buena Vista. We have no shortage of “duffers” and members who enjoy a post-round Busch Light. If we were able to increase our membership by 100-150 members we could reduce rates significantly. We would be happy to engage the city in a conversation about making our course public in order to satisfy the needs of all local golfers.

When considering the number of articles over the last few years related to the city’s need for affordable housing and tax revenue I find it surprising that the editor places such high importance on the aesthetic value of the Muni and flippantly suggests that the property shouldn’t be used to “build some more condos.” Mr. Cullen could mitigate the loss of aesthetic value the golf course provides simply by driving into town from the west.  


Storm Lake