Pandering and philandering

Judge Roy has his demographics all wrong.  He courts the religious right, and rightly so-in that his biggest claim to fame is defending the 10 Commandments written in stone he refused to remove from the Alabama Supreme Court grounds (which got him fired, recall).

Now the presumptive winner for a US Senate seat, well, he was until accused of philandering with underage girls, he is vehemently denying those claims. Now the $64,000 question is whether he signed the right signature on a yearbook of some underage girl.  That is just bringing more girls forward with repetitive claims of improprieties.  I'm thinking a better tack would be to appeal to his target demographic-repent and announce to the world that he, like all presumptive voters are merely human, sinners all, fallible, in fact, and beg for forgiveness.  Heck, everybody lusts for sins of the flesh, especially when youthful. And nobody thus far has claimed that he got the deed done, dirty or otherwise, right? Well, other than his wife, I suppose. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, he has brought out Kayla, his secret weapon (wife) and she is gathering evidence these girls are being paid to come forward.  I'm thinking now he is angling for a reality TV show or an anchor spot on Fox News. Forget politics, go where the big bucks are, on TV, right? And that is that.


Storm Lake